Poem: Embracing the Divine Feminine Within Creates Balance and Deeper Knowing

IMG_1022 This poem was written in response to a Soul Card that I drew from the deck on my Dance Our Way Home facilitator training – the task was to explore one of the DOWH principles (created by the magnificent Erica Ross). The principle I was assigned was:


Come my dear one

Sit in the shade of the date palm

Rest your burning feet in still pools

Taste honey on your parched tongue

Lay in my lap and let me comb your matted hair

And anoint your holy temples with scented oil

I will not displace your god, I will make love to him

I will not slay your dragons, I will become them

I will not drown out your cries, I will listen to them

There are more questions than there are answers

More roads than destinations

Needing is knowing

Wounding is healing

We can only make sense of contradictions

So sit, be still inside while you body moves

Shine your shadow on me

Call me in silence, approach me in stillness

Ascend into canyons to find me

Or burrow into mountaintops

I am subtle

I am irresistible

You know me well, come home

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