Tuesday Mornings | 10:00-12:00 | Artscape Youngplace (Studio 106)
Join  a group of working women  for free weekly coworking meetups that combine work and wellness. Together we are building SheCoSystem Toronto: a coworking environment where women thrive. I will be co-hosting these meetups with Women in Biz Network, bringing together a thriving ecosystem of female entrepreneurs and professionals.

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Each week we will:

•  Collaborate: Get together to network, brainstorm, and collaborate with like-minded working women. Grab some caffeine at the Coffee Pub and join us for an opening circle at 9am to get your day started right!

Move: A short (15-20 minute) break to engage in holistic self-care such as dance, yoga, guided meditation, or a walk in the park. This week Marni Levitt will be leading a fun mindfulness activity.

Cowork: Stay as long as you want to work on your own projects in a supportive environment.

What to bring:

• Laptop & work materials

• Clothes you can move in

Why Coworking?

So many of us struggle with isolation, depression and lack of motivation when we work alone. It helps to get our of our heads and connect with other entrepreneurs for support and inspiration!  We know that women – and their businesses – thrive when they are consciously connected with their bodies, minds, emotions, and with an authentic and supportive community. Coworking promotes collaboration and creative engagement among independent workers. To learn more about the global coworking movement visit the Coworking Wiki.

Join us to create a new coworking space and community hub for women in Toronto! 

We are bringing together the ecosystem of working women in Toronto, with a mission to build a purpose-designed coworking space where working women thrive. Be a part of  vital new community, investing not only in your own business but in the future of women’s work in Toronto. This is your opportunity be a part of a the conversation and help us shape the space to suit your needs and values.

You should join if: 

• You are a woman who wants a workplace where you can show up in an emotionally authentic way and take risks without feeling fear or shame

• You value holistic self care and recognize that your business will thrive only if you take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing

• You want a purpose-designed home to host your workshop, networking group, club, or event

• You believe that growth can arise from serendipitous connections

• You are passionate about lifelong learning and personal development

• You love to collaborate and share your success – and vulnerability – with like-minded others

• You want to prove to the mainstream business world that the full expression of the feminine is a viable and sustainable way to work

coworking and wellness meetup