What a beautiful weekend! Thank you to the Wild Women who joined me at this co-created retreat in August. Read my reflections on Wildness Weekend here & stay in touch for information about upcoming retreats and events.

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The most creative things in the world happen in the space that emerges between the heads and hearts of women who just get it.  

Come get down with your wild self and with a community of brilliant and supportive women for a weekend of connection, inspiration and transcendence. I can’t tell you any more than that because you are the co-creator of this retreat.

Yes, you, wild woman.

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A new feminine paradigm is starting to take root in our working lives. It is based on collaboration, empathy, and emotional authenticity. It honours the wisdom of our bodies and hearts, not just the left side of our brains. Like the ecosystem that created us, it thrives on connection rather than competition, because it knows that there is enough for everyone.

If you’re an established entrepreneur looking for a creative boost or a dreamer trying to launch, this weekend is for you.

We can trust ourselves to co-create a space that benefits us all.

We all deserve opportunities to be seen and heard.

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Is this for you?

Maybe you feel stuck – you know that something big is trying to germinate, and it just needs a little sunlight and water to finally emerge.

Maybe your idea has already emerged, but you need to socialize it, bounce it around, refine it in a supportive and dynamic space.

Or maybe you’ve been quietly nurturing your life’s work for a while, and what was once shiny and luscious is starting to feel withered and dull.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people whose vision emerges through conversation. I love being a leader, but going it alone feels unproductive and unsustainable.  My life’s dreams spill out during coffee dates, and then sit there on the tabletop begging me not to wipe them away. So I take out my laptop and try to capture them, but after a while they just look like a puddle. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and that isolation is a barrier to productivity.

Forget about experts giving you ten easy steps to cram your dreams into a uniform box. You bring your own wisdom, even if your ‘thing’ doesn’t have a name – yet. It arises from your experience, your training, and your skill base, but it also drinks generously from the fountain of your intuition.

Come do your thing, and nurture others while they do theirs. I will create the container, witness your intention, scatter the breadcrumbs – but the magic happens in the spaces between us.

rancho1What are we doing?

You arrive on Friday evening (just 5 minutes from HWY 11!) and take off your shoes and let down your hair and drop your shoulders back and open your heart and breathe, really breathe. We have a cookout and a campfire and get to know each other and then the camp counsellor in me makes you go to bed because we have a big day ahead of us. For two days we laugh, cry (I will, guaranteed or your money back) create, eat, relax, and learn. We go home Sunday afternoon feeling freaking awesome.

Join me for two days of spaciously programmed activities including:

  • Personalized ‘heartstorming’ sessions to further your business or creative expression
  • Feasts at the harvest table
  • Exploring 100 acres of trails, alongside a river that flows into a waterfall
  • Embodiment of your passions through dance and movement
  • Dreamy arts & crafts in the sunshine
  • Time to chill, wander, wade, sunbathe, and daydream
  • And whatever brilliance you need to share…practice…discuss…pilot…TBA

What will you get out of it?

  • An awakening of your wild, boundless, courageous self
  • The focussed attention, sage advice, and authentic feedback of other talented women
  • A safe space to put your passion to practise
  • Useful tools and a renewed creative energy to sustain and enrich your work
  • Belonging in a community who will remain connected and accountable to one another
  • An energizing weekend of living in connection with yourself, others, and the environment


Can’t wait to unleash your wild self? Contact me for details.