“Emily authentically facilitates connection with self, other, nature & universal divine. Her wild spirit creates a space for freedom and self expression, that anyone would be grateful to bear witness to.”

“You have inspired me to live a little more freely, to follow my bliss and to embrace every feeling that arises, the good and the bad, and to do it anyways. I am so grateful for you trusting in your vision and providing me with the opportunity to meet new parts of myself, to connect with and add new sisters to my tribe, to feel the uncomfortable and shift it to comfortable and for so so much more. The retreat was exactly what I didn’t know that I needed. It has given me gifts far greater than you can possibly know.”
– Stephanie

“I finally got reconnected with my soul! This was exactly what I needed after weeks of mind chatter and lots of mental work. THANK YOU!!! You are a healer!”

“Emily you have been able to successfully connect me to a deeper level of felt love and appreciation of beautiful energies around me”
– Shaila 

“Emily is a born wild woman. Natural, confident, and FUN. A leader, full of life and life experience. No dull moments! I had a wonderful time being free to explore my personality in the space created by Emily. Definitely a life enhancing weekend.”
– Missy

“Wildness Weekend was an incredible experience filled with meaningful activities, smiles, laughs, tears, nature, great food and awesome company. Emily did a fantastic job facilitating our journey through the weekend with poise, deep understanding and collaboration. I learned a lot about myself and left feeling relaxed and inspired. I would definitely recommend Wildness Weekend with Emily to any woman seeking some insight, a sense of sisterhood or just general positive energy!”
– Lily

“It’s easy to feel nervous coming to a class that invites you to express yourself. This style of dance combined with the kind and welcoming vibe of Emily helped make that expression possible for me and all nerves dissolved”
– Heidi

“I felt nervous and judgy (of myself and others) when I arrived, but Emily’s guidance and the music helped me totally let go and move. I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it, and I did!”
– Kate

“This space gave me such a divine and profound moment of releasing and just feeling my feminine goddess. It felt so good and safe and now she’s out! Better watch out! An absolutely beautiful experience of the divine feminine within.”
– Gabriela

“Emily’s loving energy is abundant & made me feel safe and free”

“I had such an amazing time. I found myself in a space surrounded by women, and I just felt right where I needed to be. Emily was amazing and I feel almost 100% better.”

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