I told you I was done playing it safe and small. I told you I was ready to create something. Well here it is: after months of visioning, researching, and dreaming, it's time to let you in on my next BIG thing. After hearing myself go on and on about 'holding space' and 'creating safe space,' … Continue reading ARE YOU PART OF A THRIVING SHECOSYSTEM?

How can I trust in the unknown?

We were walking along a trail in Rouge Park in early May. The park was buzzing with spring’s eagerness to emerge - ferns unfurling their fibonacci curves, trilliums driving home some Ontario pride, little green fingers stretching up through the soil. I spotted a tree growing sideways up the edge of a ravine, and I couldn’t … Continue reading How can I trust in the unknown?

Dreaming Wildness Weekend into Reality

I learned a new word today: KOMOREBI - an untranslatable Japanese term that refers to the quality of light when the sunshine is filtered through a canopy of leaves. Last Tuesday I floated in this dappled light for a few hours, dreaming about Wildness Weekend. I immersed myself in this daydream to give colour and texture to my retreat planning process.

Catch & Store Energy: Making the Most, to the Max!

Inspiration is easy to come by in the summer, and these hay bales are stacked in my soul. As August bathes you in its warm rays, make sure to get out there. Wake up early. Stay out late. Feed hungrily on whatever inspires you. Take it all in and store it somewhere you can access it on a cloudy day - in a journal, in your instagram feed, in a friend's memory, or canned in your pantry. Make the the max.