An evening of inspiration with the Lunagals

I would like to invite you to An Evening with the Lunagals: two of my favourite female changemakers who are visiting from Vancouver on Thursday, February 18.

Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens – the Lunagals – have been using business tools to create their social change goals since long before ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ was a buzzword.

Eventbrite - Lunagals: An Evening with Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens

The Lungals are best known as the founders of Lunapads, a pioneering natural menstrual health product line and web retailer that they’ve built into a 7-figure business over two decades. Lunapads is currently in the running for the SheEO Radical Generosity venture, and I can’t think of a more deserving company!

In addition to empowering women to #DitchTheDisposables, the Lunagals have supported the provision of sustainable feminine hygiene supplies to over 14,000 girls in 18 countries as Directors of United Girls of the World. Their passionate and “playfully disruptive” work has earned them recognition including the recent 2015 Vancouver Board of Trade Wendy McDonald Award for Entrepreneurial Innovation.

But my personal connection to these two inspiring women is the reason I am so thrilled about this opportunity to share their stories with my community.

lunagals shecosystem-poster.pngJust over a year ago, I was newly back in Toronto and searching for greater alignment in my life. I came across an organization called G Day: a community-based rite of passage for adolescent girls, founded in 2013 by the Lunagals. After a conversation with Madeleine, I stepped up to volunteer as Community Leader (as well as MC) of G Day Toronto in November 2014.

Thanks to the dedication of an incredible team, G Day Toronto gathered 250 Girls and Champions for a magical day of celebration and empowerment last April.

G Day was an opportunity to really step into my power.

It took courage and a great deal of emotional honesty to pull it off, and the Lunagals supported me every step of the way with a blend of intuitive trust and no bullsh*t professionalism. It was the first time I was able to really show up authentically at work, giving me a taste of a feminine paradigm for the working world that centers around work-life integration.

With over 50 women on board as volunteers and presenters, G Day also connected me with a community of heart-centred female entrepreneurs like the Red Tent Sisters, my Dance Our Way Home mentor Erica Ross, and Leigh Mitchell from Women in Biz Network. Seeing what these women are capable of when our forces combine – and seeing how happy everyone was to share space, if only for a day – inspired me to create more opportunities for us all to shine. Truly, G Day Toronto is where the seeds of Shecosystem were first planted.

That’s the power of the Lunagals’ magic. Who knows what could giant beanstalks could sprout from your attendance at this event!
Please join me for an intimate meet & greet with the Lunagals (and wine & goodies!) at 6:30PM followed by a conversation moderated by Marysa Czarski and an audience Q + A.

Learn how Madeleine and Suzanne’s unique co-leadership practice and values-based business model has influenced their key decisions, attracted investors, garnered media attention, supported them as working moms, and taken them as far afield as East Africa. Learn more at

As a valued friend, I invite you to use the promo-code SHECOLOVE to save 20% off the ticket price.
Eventbrite - Lunagals: An Evening with Madeleine Shaw and Suzanne Siemens

Thursday, February 18, 2016
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
The Foundery
376 Bathurst Street


I told you I was done playing it safe and small. I told you I was ready to create something. Well here it is: after months of visioning, researching, and dreaming, it’s time to let you in on my next BIG thing.

After hearing myself go on and on about ‘holding space’ and ‘creating safe space,’ I’ve decided to create a real, physical, bricks and mortar space that reflects the values I hold dear. I want to unite the ecosystem of working women so that we can all become more resilient and radiant.

I am going to start a coworking space designed from a feminine paradigm that values self-care, sisterhood, holistic wellbeing and showing up authentically in our working lives.

It will be an environment where working women thrive – personally and professionally.

The SheCoSystem, as I’ve named my evolving project, is modeled on my core belief that just like everything in our natural ecosystem, working women thrive on interconnectedness. The more we come together, collaborate, share, and learn from each other, the more resilient we become as individuals, businesses, and as a community of working women. SheCoSystem will facilitate this connectedness by providing a collaborative, engaging, accessible and supportive workspace for the mobile workforce. It will be a hub for our city’s existing women’s networks and a purpose-built home for women’s events.

So that’s the plan. But it doesn’t start with bricks and mortar; it starts with community. That’s why I’ve joined forces with Women in Biz Network to host weekly events:

 Coworking, Wellness & Mentorship Meetups

Emily Antflick coworking meetup

Join us every Tuesday morning from 10-12 in Studio 106 at Artscape Youngplace on Shaw Street.

We have our own private, light filled room with fast wifi and strong coffee. Every week a group of women meet up to cowork and engage in self-care. After a quick check-in, we get down to business – each woman focussing on her own projects, occasionally turning to the group (or to our in-house professional mentor) with a question, an insight or a helpful resource to share. Then we take a purposeful break to dance, stretch, meditate, or learn together.


Pay as you go: $8 WIBN Members/ $12 Non-members

Monthly pass: $30 WIBN members/$36 non-members


Join us to create a new coworking space and community hub for women in Toronto. This is your opportunity to be a part of a the conversation and help us shape the space to suit your needs and values.  Join us to become a founding member of a vital new community, investing not only in your own business but in the future of women’s work in Toronto.

You are a part of the SheCoSystem if:

  • You are a woman who wants a workplace where you can show up in an emotionally authentic way without feeling fear or shame
  • You value holistic self-care and recognize that your business will thrive only if you take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing
  • You want a purpose-designed home to host your workshop, meetup group, club, or event
  • You are a wellness practitioner looking for a space to offer your services
  • You are looking for a safe and all-embracing space where you can take risks and work in integrity
  • You believe that growth can arise from serendipitous connections
  • You are passionate about lifelong learning and personal development
  • You love to collaborate and share your success – and vulnerability – with like-minded others
  • You want to prove to the mainstream business world that the full expression of the feminine is a viable and sustainable way to work

Want to know more? Contact me and I’d be happy to tell you more about the vision – or just show up next Tuesday to help co-create the SheCoSystem to suit your needs.

Psst – Here’s a peek at our space and the wellness portion of last week’s Coworking & Wellness meetup!