“Emily facilitates with poise, deep understanding and collaboration.”

“A brave and passionate leader with a unique vision and skill set. Emily is creating containers for much-needed conversations and forms of self-knowledge and expression that will bring positive change and healing to her community and the wider world.”
– Madeleine Shaw, G Day for Girls

“Emily is a true leader, a skilled connector, a talented facilitator. She knows how to get things done, and does so with humour, play, warmth, and courage.”
– Or 

“At Shecosystem, Emily created a perfect space that combines coworking with wellness. We get to honour our feelings and support each other, not to mention the fact that you make amazing friendships here and even business partnerships!”

“A very passionate and gifted educator. Emily consistently conducts herself with integrity and always remains true to her personal values and vision.”
– Ben Tamblyn, Odyssey Institute

“Emily inspired me to live a little more freely, to follow my bliss and to embrace every feeling that arises, the good and the bad. I am so grateful for her providing me with the opportunity to meet new parts of myself.
– Stephanie

“You have been able to successfully connect me to a deeper level of felt love and appreciation of beautiful energies around me”
– Shaila