I dance all night and smell the roses.

Rooted in a feminist paradigm, my work values collaboration, creativity, and showing up​ with one’s authentic self. For over 15 years, I have created and facilitated events and resources that connect people to themselves, each other, and the web of life.

With an MA in Education, I am a versatile educator and program designer with rich perspectives on learning and community building. As the founder of Shecosystem Coworking and Wellness, I cultivated an award-winning feminist coworking  community, centering holistic wellbeing as part of business strategy.

I write with precision and with heart, and have managed communications and social media for nonprofits and small businesses, building brand awareness and effectively converting clients.

I facilitate rituals, talking circles and healing dance practises, and am currently training in spiritual leadership with the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute.