About Emily Rose

I dance all night and smell the roses. My work stems from a feminine paradigm that values collaboration, creativity and ‘showing up’​ with your authentic self. As the founder of Shecosystem, I cultivated a feminist coworking community where hundreds of people gathered to work, connect, and make holistic wellbeing part of their work-life. In addition…

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Shecosystem Coworking & Wellness

Shecosystem was a coworking community rooted in feminine and feminist values. This pioneering feminist coworking space welcomed people of all genders to a workspace and community hub that centred wellness and self-care as part of business strategy. Operating in Toronto from 2015-2018, Shecosystem created a space and workday designed to promote holistic wellbeing and work-life…

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There are so many ideas I want to share with you. Read on for a taste of the inspiration that I draw from the communities, events, and environment that I’m a part of.

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“Emily authentically facilitates connection with self, other, nature & universal divine. Her wild spirit creates a space for freedom and self expression, that anyone would be grateful to bear witness to.” -Amanda “You have inspired me to live a little more freely, to follow my bliss and to embrace every feeling that arises, the good…

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